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About Tiffany
Tiffany jewelry was the jewelry created and supervised by Louis Comfort Tiffany at Tiffany & Co., during the Art Nouveau movement. For many of the pieces that Tiffany produced during this time, his focus gravitated towards flower-like inspirations. The nature theme was also a current motif that occurred in many of his other works. He also produced some pieces based on Etruscan prototypes.


Tiffany not only explored the various jewelry processes of the time, but also branched out into new metals, such as platinum, which at the time was considered very hard to manipulate. It seems to be the case that unusual colorations appealed to Tiffany, like the opal. He also preferred gemstones that were either opaque or translucent. Turquoise, jade, carnelian, lapis, moonstones, and opals were all chosen for their ability to filter light. Emphasis based on color was very prevalent in his works. Tiffany liked to use lots of pattern and colour in his work, and quite a lot of his work included animals, trees and flowers… Although Tiffany was widely recognized for his artistic forms of expression, his jewelry was rather overlooked - even to this day.


One of the last significant pieces that Tiffany produced was a plique-Ă -jour gold chalice enameled with peacock feathers, which he had designed in 1925. The piece was known to capture the true essence of his artistic expression.[citation needed] The cup portion of it was shaped like a tulip, once again reinforcing his admiration for nature. The peacock motif, shown in many of his pieces, is thought to have been his last appeal to immorality.


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